About The Feys

Kamilla and Steven Feys are involved with their children’s lives and the farm is no exception. Each parent works in an unrelated field away from the farm, but they find the farm is a beautiful place to teach their children about various aspects of “life.”

Kamilla is a nurse, specializing in Emergency medicine, since 1996 for both adults and pediatrics. Steven is an independent financial planner and has been in the financial field since 1993.

Bringing their own life experiences, the Feys are determined to teach the Feys’ Kids to live well and find that raising them in a smaller community in upper Montgomery County allows the flexibility to do so. Of course, living well means developing a respect for personal responsibility with faith, family, finances and the farm.

Seneca (16) is an avid reader, basketball & tennis player, and crew team member. She has an Australian Red Heeler. She is an active member of the Montgomery County Sheep & Swine Club and Beef Club.

Jack (15) is active on the farm caring for his Australian Blue Heeler. He plays on several basketball and lacrosse teams, enjoys tennis. He is active in the Montgomery County Sheep & Swine Club and the Beef Club.  

Nick (13) plays the cello and piano, is in the drama club, plays organized basketball and baseball and enjoys tennis. He is active in the Montgomery County Sheep & Swine Club and the Beef Club.

All of the Feys Kids also enjoy raising reptiles. In 2015 they launched SeJaNi Reptiles - primarily breeding Ball & Reticulated Pythons as well as various other reptile species.