Eggs & Meat

Farm Fresh, Pasture Raised, All Natural

Our eggs are collected daily.

The Feys’ Kids raise their animals naturally. They offer eggs from hens fed non-GMO feed and every animal is pasture raised with no antibiotics, no hormones or other growth additives. Everything they offer is farm fresh! If you feed naturally and raise the animals in a happy environment, the result is significantly better from farm to table.

The Feys' Kids are being raised knowing that certain farm animals are breeders and others are feeders. For the feeders the result is food for the freezer. Isn’t it refreshing to know that you can get farm fresh, pasture raised meat with no hormones or other growth additives, food for your family which is produced from happy, pasture raised animals? We think so, and the result is absolutely terrific! From our home to yours, the experience and care matters.

All our meats are processed at a USDA approved local butcher and packaged for our 4-H Supporters aka our farm customers. The butcher shops are selected both because of their strict rules regarding the care of our animals through processing as well as the wonderful products they each produce. 

If you are interested in supporting the Feys’ Kids (and the Montgomery County 4-H), please contact us so we may educate you to the wonderful world of 4-H, and we will let you know how to purchase a future 4-H quality meats!


Free-Range Eggs

Limited availability.

Our farm-raised, free-range eggs are collected daily and are available for sale. If you are lucky you might find yourself with a blue or green egg here and there. The color is determined by the species of hen, but the real difference is in the taste. This is determined by the hens' natural ability to forage on what Mother Nature provides. The yolks are deep yellow, and the flavor is noticeable.

WARNING! Do not purchase and consume eggs from the Feys’ Kids Farm Project if you plan to eat eggs from any grocery or box store in the future. Your taste buds will remind you of how good farm fresh eggs are from pasture-raised happy hens. Pick-up from our family farm.

How old are store bought eggs?

Watch this YouTube video and you'll be amazed