The Feys' Kids Farm Project involves the combination of raising several species of animals. In addition to chickens the kids also raise horses, pigs, sheep, beef steers, goats and reptiles! 

While there was no Montgomery County Fair in 2020, the Feys Kids will again be raising their 4-H animals and showing them at the 2021 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. The fair will be held in mid-August and the auction for their animals is on the last Friday starting at 6 PM. 

Boer Goats

The Boer goat was most likely bred from the indigenous South African goats, with some crossing of Indian and European lines. They were selected for meat rather than milk production; due to careful and selective breeding the Boer’s improved and now has a fast growth rate and excellent carcass qualities, making it one of the most popular breeds of meat goat in the world. Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, dry semi-deserts. The Feys Kids enjoy raising their registered Boer goats and kids.

Friesian Horses

The Friesian horse is unique, truly a breed to be proud of. It developed from a very old breed which was inherent to all of Western Europe. It's the only horse native to Holland. Without a doubt, the black coat of the Friesian will impress you at first sight. Bays and grays occurred earlier in the breed, but now black is the only recognized color. Other characteristics are the long, heavy mane and tail and the Shire-like fetlock hair. The Friesian horse is enjoying a revival. He is a noteworthy sight in the show ring. His shiny black coat, flying mane and tail, and high action form an imposing image. The Friesian is, by nature, a talented show horse.

Pigs – some old, some new

The Feys Kids started raising Gloucester Old Spots, a heritage breed with an inquisitive and fun personality. Through their activities in the 4-H, it was more difficult to raise the GOS which are a wonderful heritage breed, as well as their 4-H breeds so the Feys Kids put their Gloucestershire Old Spot breeding program on hold.

They now have a few of the recognized 4-H pig breeds but often show any of the most popular.

Berkshires are known for fast and efficient growth, reproductive efficiency, cleanness and meat flavor and value.

Chester Whites originated in Chester County, Pa., from which their name was formed. These white hogs with droopy, medium-sized ears are known for their mothering ability, durability and soundness. Packers also tout their muscle quality.

Crosses are known for their feed efficiency, rate of gain and carcass quality. In addition, commercial producers appreciate cross females for their productivity, docility and durability.

Durocs vary from light red to dark red color with drooped ears.  They are noted for their rapid growth and they also have excellent mothering abilities.

Hampshire - This breed originated in Kentucky in 1893.  Hampshires are black with a white belt around the shoulders and front legs and they have erect ears.

Poland China hogs originated in Ohio. Today, Poland China hogs are known for their large frame, length of body, leanness and muscle. They also are excellent feeders, gaining well under good care and management. They also are quiet in their disposition.

Yorkshire - Originated in England around 1893.  They are large animals, white in appearance, and have erect ears.  Yorkshires are excellent mother.


The Feys Kids enjoy raising Katahdin Sheep and the lamb are so cute. Katahdin’s are a breed of hair sheep developed in the United States.  The Katahdin breed originated in north central Maine at the Piel Farm where Michael Piel (innovator and amateur geneticist) enjoyed raising livestock.  His first intentions related to establishing a sheep enterprise were to use sheep to graze power lines instead of spraying or mowing the vegetation.  He then developed other ideas on how to employ sheep for land management. Katahdin are a hair breed and used for meat.


Rabbits are raised for many different reasons; show, pets, fur, wool, scientific research and meat. The Feys Kids currently raise bunnies only as pets and they are super cute.  They can live as easily in a small apartment as in a large backyard.  They can be house trained much like a cat and they require no vet visits for immunizations.

You should never buy a bunny to keep another bunny company as rabbits are very territorial animals and do not live well with another rabbit.

Some of the more popular breeds for pets are:

Holland Lop
Jersey Wooly
Mini Rex
Netherland Dwarf


The Feys enjoy all of their farm animals but perhaps none as much as their dogs, Great Dane “Elsa,” Great Pyrenees “Dora & Diego” and Red & Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog "Amber" & “Buddy.” The dogs each are supposed to have a purpose but Elsa’s is primarily to grab as much attention as possible. Dora & Diego protect the farm and especially the poultry business.

Beef Steers/Cattle

For the 4-H it is enjoyable to watch the Feys Kids work with their beef steers. In addition to this, the Feys Kids Farm Project generally raises a couple of steers, naturally and without hormones or antibiotics. There is simply no way to shop at a grocery store when you have had this naturally raised meat.